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The art of making jewellery

 Arnold Saddal  Founder

Saddal stems from a great lineage. His Indian grandfather came from a family of traditional goldsmiths and while Arnold grew up in Amsterdam in the care of his Dutch mother, his father was travelling across the world in order to search for gems and intricate jewellery. The young Saddal was intrigued by their beauty, studied jewellery design and worked for several large and established diamond houses in Amsterdam before he started his own company. "Saddal admits, " I can say that I was truly touched by the beauty of the stone. I could not help but I always wanted to unleash the power of the stone, liberating myself in the process'.His vision for his company has remained to be small, however, is distinguished by delivering only the highest quality. His expertise and passion has attached private customers, royalty and celebrities alike, diamond houses and jewellery stores from all over the world.


Ultimate perfection

"The art of creating jewellery”, as this process is used to be called in the world of jewellerly is the art of design which is closely connected to the art of creation. Goldsmiths is one of the oldest and the most respected art professions in the earth, whose real skills are disappearing.  Nevertheless, Saddal cherishes his knowledge and goes along with the future by constantly working with the latest innovative design and technology.

At the present time, the autonomous and independent atelier is considered to be unique and  creates jewellery of timeless beauty according to the highest standards of the world market. Saddal is being famous for its innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship and is well-known for using only the finest materials. Saddal expresses elegance, exclusive style and harmony.

Undoubtedly, passion, knowledge and experience of Arnold and his wife Geraldine helped to attract the customers from individuals to celebrities and make the happiness and satisfaction of the client to be one of the main priorities.

  Géraldine Saddal Designer